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"TISH" 1.25" acrylic pin IN STOCK NOW

Image of "TISH" 1.25" acrylic pin IN STOCK NOW
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Our latest bargain acrylic pin release is the a new release of our classic Tish design! This pin, like Tish herself, is stylish beyond belief. Wear her on your lapel or hat or purse or something!

Alert! This is a 1.25 inch specially priced acrylic plastic bargain pin! It comes with a little protective plastic cling on the face of the pin that you can peel off if you want to be hit with the full vibrant burst of color that this design provides. These bargain releases are intended as fundraiser items to hep us get new enamel pins produced. So! Chip in, and get a fun bit of flair in the process!

$6 each OR 2 for $10! See dropdown menu!

This pin release is copyright 2021 10DAC.

PRE-ORDER INFO, PLEASE NOTE: In-stock items ordered at the same time as a pre-order will be held until the pre-order item ships, unless you contact us about sending a shipping cost invoice for the in-stock items.

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