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"Jawa The Cat" fundraiser 1.25" gold metal enamel pin

Image of "Jawa The Cat" fundraiser 1.25" gold metal enamel pin

Hello! This pin a fundraiser piece for our cat, Jawa! He has recently been put on a prescription diet for life which, although not a drastic thing, does cost us a little more than our budget fully allows. To hopefully help pay for this and provide for other things to keep him healthy and happy for a long time to come, we've added this pin of him while he's working at his outer space job. Celebrate kitties, science fiction, brown cloaks, and all sorts of other things by buying this one!

This is a 1.25 inch height soft enamel pin with 2 posts & rubber backings, full color on gold metal. In stock now!

These pin releases are copyright 2018 10DAC.

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